Break fast Together

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Description: Out of Lara's man's room wearing just a diaphanous tempting bathrobe and undies, she drifts after an evening of hot sex with Marco Rivera. Slut heads to the fridge, peering in as her nips pucker in the cold and opening it. Marco is there to warm up her when the door is closed by her, pushing her against the appliance having a heavy kiss that briefly has Lara humid and prepared for her lover's stiffness. Tugging down Lara's undies and dropping to his knees, his tongue works through his lady damp folds, sucking her love button to get some extreme moments before urging his girl to lean forwards within the kitchen island. With Lara leaned over and exposed for his attentions, Marco worships his devotee's smoothly-shaven white vulva while he kneads her bodacious bootie and comebacks to his knees. Little by little, his touches come nearer to to Lara's tight sheath till he eventually glides two frigs into her heat for more to discover her dribbling. Marco is not prepared for their making love to reason so immediately, although he takes the opportunity to bury his erection deep into his paramour to get a number of incredible thrusts as he loves the perceive of her sugary backside. Backing down, Marco urges his woman to scale together with the counter so that he can switch between suckling his lover's tender clitoris and rubbing her glossy folds with all the palm of his forearm in a sensual onslaught that briefly has Lara squirming and yelling for more. Lara is joined by Marco and lies down on the great granite therefore that he can be mounted by her like her own private stud when he may not take the anticipation. He is taken by her in leisurely, loving the rubbing they generate before sitting up and pumping her hips up and down a couple of times while her perky tits bounce. They re-adjust their position to ensure they may be on their attributes and with just a couple more heavy extreme thrusts Lara climaxes using a lengthy scream. While her body is still humming with pleasure, Lara clambers from the island and drops to her knees before her guy so that girl is able to consider his pulsing dick into her anxious talented mouth. Whore fellates him hard and fast, using her tongue and her little hands to pull him near to his climax's edge. When Marco is close to jizzing, Lara leans forward against the counter-top so that he can reenter her cock-squeezing heat for a few thrusts before he pulls away and showers his paramour along with his essence.
Models: Lara